Mum's Not Having Chemo - Laura Bond

The following is an excerpt from Laura Bond's forthcoming book 'Mum's Not Having Chemo'.

The unconscious is more than a million times more powerful than the conscious, according to Bruce Lipton. We might think we're on top of things - emotionally, physically, energetically - but our bodies often tell a different story. “It's the things you don't think about that are usually the problems, rather than the things you know about,” says Paul Lennard, an energy healer based in Harley street, London.

Lennard can sense people's energy fields and can often 'see' events in a person's life that have led to a physical manifestation of a certain problem. “They're not usually things I understand unless the person wants to explain them,” says Lennard. While working at a clinic in the Far East, Lennard met a woman who had a severe eating disorder and was allergic to almost every type of food. “Within two minutes of meeting her I said, 'Ok, I am getting na oil picture of a horse, for some reason,' and she replied, 'Oh that was in my lounge, that's what I used to focus on when my brother was having sex with me,'” says Lennard. “She hadn't been able to talk about that with anyone before.” One year later, the woman sent Lennard a letter saying she was feeling so much better and had just had her first baby. (Lennard has changed details to disguise the client's identity, “as confidentiality is paramount.”)

When Mum saw Paul Lennard, during a visit to London, he asked whether she had been in a horrible car accident when she was thirteen. “No,” Mum replied. “But I think I know what you're talking about.” When she was thirteen two young brothers and a girl Mum knew had been killed in a head on collision. Mum remembers going to the funeral, age thirteen, and seeing the three coffins lined up together. “It's given me a phobia of funerals ever since,” she says. So how might such a memory have been affecting Mum's health? “The memory might be stored as fear in the bladder, or terror in a different organ,” says Lennard. “So you get an emotional weakness in a certain area and then a problem comes along.”

So what does an energy session look like? I decided to book an appointment with Lennard to find out. After asking a few basic questions, I was instructed to lie down, fully clothed, on the massage table as Lennard scanned his hands over my body. I quickly began to feel a whoosh of energy circulate through my torso as memories swirled around my mind (some people go to sleep). If Lennard senses a significant 'event' in your past that needs clearing, he might ask you about it, otherwise he might approach emotional traumas through a more three-dimensional root. Using a type of deep tissue massage – called Chi Nei Tsang – Lennard is able to release emotional blockages from the body. At one point I was asked to lie on my back as he zero-ed in on a knot underneath my right shoulder blade. The pain was excruciating, albeit momentary. Afterwards, I realised how much easier it was to breathe; it was as if I'd been holding my breath for years. “That would have been some kind of grief held in your lungs,” says Lennard, “so physically I could release it rather than going into it emotionally.”