No idea what’s wrong? We can work it out – Tatler, June 2015

Getting an appointment with Lennard is tricky, but persevere. Because the ‘Buddha on a Bike’, as he’s known, practises what he calls ‘energy therapy’. And it’s remarkably effective if, for want of a better explanation, you’re not feeling yourself. Lennard will ask you spookily on-point questions as you lie there: he has a way of making you remember events that you’d forgotten - an accident that left you in shock, a destructive relationship from years ago. Stranger still is his bodywork: he may zero in on painful areas using deep-tissue or cranio - other times, his hands hover over your skin, triggering an inexpilcable heat.

Our verdict: It could be a result of that extraordinary massage. But when you walk out, it’s like a weight has been lifted.

Details: £140 for 60 minutes. At COMO Shamhala, Metropolitan London, Park Lane, W1 (; 020 7447 5750).

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