The Gospel according to St. Paul

Paul grew up in Hove, the son of a property consultant and a sculptor. He attended Lewes grammar school, graduating with a reasonable smattering of A grades. From there, still unsure as to what he would do when he grew up, he held various jobs – including working as an antique restorer, bouncer and zoo keeper.

So far, so ordinary. But it was in the latter incarnation that he realised that he had an unusual talent – or rather the gorillas noticed it first. They kept 'signing' to him when they had something wrong – pointing at an eye that was later found to be infected or 'asking' him to deal with a swollen ankle.

Needless to say, he didn't take the hint, leaving instead to become a personal trainer. But one day a psychic came to the gym (as they do) and told Paul that it is only once every seven lifetimes that a man with his powers comes to earth. Or words to that effect.

Anyway, he left the gym but soon his calling called, Fate intervened – and he became a healer. Word spread and a delighted (and slightly baffled) Paul soon found himself overwhelmed with clients.

Today he practises worldwide and has worked with kings and paupers. The press has dubbed him the Buddha on a Bike, possibly because of his spiritual leanings and fast results. Paul feels humble and grateful to have had the huge satisfaction of channeling healing energy that has helped people with everything from a twisted ankle to cancer; from a minor 'down' to a major depression.

He is currently working on his first book, and plans soon to be wading through offers to present prime time television programmes.