Deborah Dickinson – Senior Lecturer, Creative Industries,
City University London. January 2013.

“After an exhausting 20 year battle with bladder cancer, three years ago my disease had become so aggressive that my consultant informed me that it was no longer possible to 'manage' it. He presented me with two bleak options: major surgery or a rapid, painful death.

Four days later, I went to Paul for my first appointment. He awakened some really intense body memories – things that I hadn't thought of or felt for years. This released energy in my body, cleared 'blockages' and enabled the energy to flow and balance. He has an extraordinary gift for tapping into really deep areas but in the most amazingly non-invasive way.

Three months after that first appointment, I went back to the hospital – my test results were so dramatically improved that the major surgery was put on hold. Three years later, I'm still seeing Paul and continue to get stronger and healthier. I haven't had the surgery and nor have I had a rapid, painful death. I think Paul's work is unique and a little magical. I really think I've brushed the wings of the angels and a miracle has happened.“