Kate Libran – Journalist. January 2013.

“I kept hearing about Paul – the so-called sorcerer with healing hands and psychic abilities who was defying science. I was sceptical, yet still booked to see him. I'm bipolar, react badly to various medications and really hoped to stop my drugs and manage my moods. A very difficult project, in other words.

So far I've had ten sessions. I've reduced my medication hugely – from 450 mg to just 100 mg – and, amazingly, my moods have improved too. My psychiatrist has been really impressed.

Unrelatedly, I had repetitive strain injury (RSI) – an occupational hazard. Despite carrying on typing and texting and with no other medical interventions, surprisingly the problem has almost gone. Ditto my issue of waking up several times at night – now, for the first time in 18 years, I sleep through.

These are unexpected, holistic benefits. There may be a rational explanation for what has happened. But I haven't yet found it.“